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Brittles are thin and crispy sugar candies. Ours are not only delicious with peanuts, but they’re also delicious with other nuts like cashews. We also have English Toffee available for your pleasure. So take a look below and visit our store to place your order today!

English Toffee

8 oz = $12

Cashew Brittle

8 oz = $10

Cashew/Peanut Brittle

8 oz = $9


David & Donna Smith

Davonna’s candy started as a holiday treat for co-workers at David’s work. Each season the candy baking would begin and each season more requests came in for larger orders. David and Donna realized they’re brittle was unique and delicious and more and more people were wanting to share it. So, they created Davonna’s and now provide their candy at various farmers markets and events. And, you can now buy it directly here online!

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